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When I lifted the hand controls out of the box they had that ‘this is never going to break feeling’ – it’s very very strong……. and welded together. I decided to buy these because of the ‘two handed steering’ which I will go on to talk about. This is different from some other hand controls I’ve used which felt strong but not like it would last me a life time.

Installation the first time takes quite awhile as you’re constantly trying to work out the right length. Once you know how long you want it then putting it in only takes…… 10 minutes. First time took over an hour though.

Let me explain the two handed steering. Firstly, if you’re expecting to be able to use both hand to steer the wheel like normal then you will be disappointed. It’s not a perfect system. but…. you can actually have both hands comfortably on the wheel, and use the hand controlled hand to help turn the steering wheel. You must ‘thread’ it through for sharper corners.

For me, this is perfect as most of my driving is on long straight roads with just a few turns. Gentle turns are no problem, but sharp turns are harder (although easier with this of course). For most people I think this would work well because it gives you more stability and control.

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