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Frequently Asked Questions about Mobidrive Portable Hand Controls

1. Who Can Use Portable Hand Controls? Portable hand controls are suitable for individuals with normal upper body strength, arm strength, and hand strength. Before using hand controls, it's recommended to undergo a medical evaluation by a handicap rehabilitation specialist, occupational therapist, or doctor. This evaluation ensures eligibility and safety, especially since able-bodied drivers should not use hand controls due to emergency response considerations.

2. Ease of Use of Portable Hand Controls Learning to use portable hand controls is a process similar to acquiring any new skill. Practice over time will make it second nature, akin to riding a bicycle. Check with local driving schools or assistive driving rehabilitation centers for potential training courses tailored for drivers with disabilities.

3. Compatibility with Vehicle Types Mobidrive portable hand controls are versatile and can be installed on new and used vehicles. While some right leg amputees use them in manual vehicles with clutch pedals, automatic transmission vehicles are recommended. Some vehicle manufacturers and resellers offer programs to assist with the installation cost of such devices.

4. Self-Installation of Hand Controls Mobidrive portable hand controls are shipped fully assembled, ready for installation. You can easily set them up on your vehicle. Detailed instructions will be provided, ensuring correct installation for safety. Hand controls must be properly installed for your safety and that of others on the road.

5. Hand Controls and Able-Bodied Drivers Depending on the hand controls, they may or may not interfere with able-bodied drivers. For Mobidrive hand controls, it's advisable to remove them before able-bodied individuals drive your vehicle. Removing or reinstalling the controls is a straightforward process and takes only a few minutes.

6. Hand Controls and Manual Transmission Installing hand controls on a manual transmission is not recommended due to the complex conversion process. Automatic transmissions are more suitable, offering smoother transitions to driving with hand controls.

7. Driver's Test Requirements Drivers with disabilities undergo the same regular driving test as others. The use of mobility equipment does not affect the test. Safe driving remains essential, and a normal driver's license requires retesting for driving a converted vehicle. An endorsement will be added to your driver's license.

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