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Empowering Mobility Through the Evolution of Mobidrive Portable Hand Controls

At Mobidrive.co.za, our journey embarked with humble beginnings, as the first prototype of our revolutionary portable hand controls was created in 2013. Born out of a personal quest for accessible and budget-friendly solutions, the inception of Mobidrive aimed to liberate individuals from the constraints imposed by traditional hand controls for the disabled.

Driving Transformation Through Innovation: The initial prototype marked a turning point by offering a remedy to the high costs and inconveniences linked to vehicle transitions and test drives for disabled individuals. Acknowledging the widespread challenges, Mobidrive's vision emerged clear: to craft a practical, user-centric, and dependable alternative resonating with those facing similar obstacles.

Progressing from Prototype to Advancement: While the first prototype demonstrated promising functionality, it also revealed certain challenges demanding attention. Obstacles such as accelerator interference with the brake handle during turns and an uncomfortable grip due to brake mechanism design emerged. Additionally, the need to keep the handle horizontally limited steering control.

A Journey Towards Enhancement: Fueled by determination to address these limitations and cater to broader needs, Mobidrive embarked on a comprehensive design overhaul. This endeavor led to the development of a new handle design, coupled with meticulous adjustments to the brake and petrol clamps. Through these enhancements, the Mobidrive portable hand controls for disabled drivers emerged, primed for production.

Unleashing Mobility, Igniting Freedom: Today, Mobidrive stands as a beacon of liberation, offering a solution that rectifies the drawbacks of traditional portable hand controls. With our redesigned interface and user-centered approach, individuals with disabilities can reclaim mobility without compromise. The road to independence is paved by Mobidrive's innovation, commitment, and transformative ethos.

Be Part of the Movement: Experience the emancipation of mobility and reclaim command over your driving journey with Mobidrive's cutting-edge portable hand controls. Rediscover the thrill of the open road and embark on an empowering voyage. For more information, reach out to us today.

Elevated Innovations: Following successful local and international sales, it was evident that the Mobidrive portable hand controls deserved further refinement. To eliminate assembly concerns, we shifted to delivering fully assembled units. Additionally, a shift to a combination of stainless steel and aluminum achieved weight reduction while maintaining strength. This change called for a return to the drawing board, always striving for improvement.

Quality Redefined: The Mobidrive portable hand control now blends stainless steel and aluminum for optimal balance between weight and strength. It arrives fully assembled and ready for global shipping, encapsulated in a box. Don't let disability hinder you from ordinary tasks like driving. Get Mobidrive today!

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