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Mobidrive hand controls


Andre Bekker – Cape Town – South Africa
Bought one about 2 month ago and it works great. Love the fact that that it takes me less that a minute to put it on and about 20 seconds to take it off. It’s also nice and compact to take with you when you traveling. Thanks Jan of the awesome product.

Dennis Fruhwirth – Swaziland

Hey Jan l fitted the controls and had an amazing experience driving my x5 with ease and pleasure after six months! Thank you very much and may the almighty richly bless You! Great regards showed with blessings! Dennis.

Proffessor Anton du Toit – South Africa

These are the best! Been using them for 2 years now. Made in South Africa. It works best, however, with speed control on the open roads!

Hank – USA

I was worried about buying this hand control as it had no reviews (that’s why I decided to write one)… however when I read you can have both hands on the wheel AND use the hand controls I became very interested! I decided to risk it and fork out the 600 bucks… to me money is not the issue – it’s whether it works and if I can put it in and out of my car without screws and permanent modifications…. the answer is YES.

I have average sized hands but I was able to both use my fingers to clasp the steering wheel and operate the hand controls with just a day of practise… but I do have many years experience with hand controls so other people’s experiences might not be the same if they’re not so used to them.


Easy to install (I can’t do it but my wife can.. takes her 5 mins), easy to operate, and feels vVERY SAFE – imagine two hands on the wheel over one – my ability to control my truck is absolute.

Definitely RECOMMENDED. I would buy another one for my other car but I don’t need to as these hand controls are ‘portable’!!… my wife can just unscrew it from my truck and put it in my car in 10 minutes. I can actually remove it too if necessary BUT obviously it’s much easier for her.

Brad – USA

Super strong. Installing it is annoying until you’ve done it a few times. I just leave mine in now. The hand control is positioned to the right of the steering wheel (around 4 O’clock). This means you can have both hands on the wheel and help to guide it. I couldn’t find this elsewhere but it’s a great driving tool.

Betty – USA

When I lifted the hand controls out of the box they had that ‘this is never going to break feeling’ – it’s very very strong……. and welded together. I decided to buy these because of the ‘two handed steering’ which I will go on to talk about. This is different from some other hand controls I’ve used which felt strong but not like it would last me a life time.

Installation the first time takes quite awhile as you’re constantly trying to work out the right length. Once you know how long you want it then putting it in only takes…… 10 minutes. First time took over an hour though.

Let me explain the two handed steering. Firstly, if you’re expecting to be able to use both hand to steer the wheel like normal then you will be disappointed. It’s not a perfect system. but…. you can actually have both hands comfortably on the wheel, and use the hand controlled hand to help turn the steering wheel. You must ‘thread’ it through for sharper corners.

For me, this is perfect as most of my driving is on long straight roads with just a few turns. Gentle turns are no problem, but sharp turns are harder (although easier with this of course). For most people I think this would work well because it gives you more stability and control.

Dennis – USA

I bought the bundle as it’s only a few $ more and you get the spinner knob which is a similar set up to what I’ve used before. To be honest I found that you don’t really need the additional spinner knob as you have both hands on the wheel most of the time anyway. The knob rarely comes in useful apart from on perhaps very very sharp and sudden corners but as you have both hands on the wheel guiding it 99% of the time it’s just not that useful.

The hand controls work great I just wish I’d gotten the regular non-bundle hand controls set. The bundles probably would be very useful for their other non-two hand hand controls though.

David Dreusigg – USA

Great hand controls – the steering knob isn’t particularly useful though – most importantly the hand controllers work and feel like they’re built to last.

Donnell Rosewell – USA
I received my order Thursday already loving it. I plan on ordering another one in the near future. – November 2016: Donnell has never had any problems with his Mobidrive and it still works perfectly. It easily transfers to different vehicles. He’s always been independent now he feels in control of his life. He’s always wanted a spare so this is just a gift of reassurance.

Simon Maodi – South Africa
Your hand controls have changed my life and my whole family is amazed at the fact that I am independent and can drive my own car

Preggie Moodley – South Africa
I am extremely satisfied with the hand controls. Jan installed the hand controls for me and I was driving my car for the first time in months. I am a new paraplegic and this is the first time I’ve driven after my injury. Easy installation and even with limited body control I was able to drive on my own the same day

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