Mobidrive Portable Hand Controls


Mobidrive Portable Hand Control Set


Mobidrive Portable Hand Controls

Mobidrive advantages include the following

1. Reliable and easy to use
2. Mobidrive is made from stainless steel to last a lifetime
3. It is easy to transfer or install from one vehicle to another vehicle
4. No damage to the vehicle when installing or removing the portable hand controls
5. Portable hand controls with collapsible design for easy transport
6. Fully adjustable length for your specific needs
7. Mobidrive has a soft grip that can be replaced in three (3) easy steps
8. The Mobidrive can be used by left and right handed people with a small settings change
9. Better control as both hands can be on the steering wheel
10. The portable hand controls are not inferring when transferring in or out of the vehicle

Mobidrive portable hand controls are used by disabled drivers as a portable hand control solution for automatic vehicles. Installs securely in less than 10 minutes on all vehicles. The disabled car conversion and easiest way to convert a car to get you mobile in the shortest possible time.

People with physical disabilities know how expensive hand controls for their vehicles can be. Mobidrive won’t cost you an arm or a leg either. Currently we sell the Mobidrive for only $ 285-00 excluding delivery. This includes one Mobidrive and the shipping costs, excluding import or any tax duties. Import and tax duties differ from country to country and it is best to contact your local customs office for these costs. Customs tariff code: 8708.99.05 Conversion kits, consisting of accelerator and brake hand controls

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 560 × 180 × 40 mm


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