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Mobidrive hand controls

The Mobidrive portable hand controls had humble beginnings with the first prototype manufactured in 2013. I was tired of paying exorbitant prices for disabled hand controls every time I wanted to change my vehicle, or drive another vehicle. I was further unable to test drive a vehicle I was interested in to purchase, and had to make use of a third party to test drive the vehicle on my behalf. The first prototype worked as suspected well, but had some issues that needed attention. If I felt this way others would feel exactly the same.

First attempt Mobidrive

Prototype and test portable hand controls

The first prototype issues were, to name a few: The accelerator got stuck in the brake handle when you turned the handle to the right or left. The only way to counter this was to keep the handle in a horizontal position. Furthermore you could not hold the handle in a comfortable way due to the “brake down pipe” splitting your grip in two. The fact that the handle needed to be kept in a horizontal position meant that you could not use that hand on the steering wheel for better control of the vehicle.

All the issues with the old portable hand controls were addressed with a new handle design, and some changes at the brake and petrol clamps. The Mobidrive portable hand controls for disabled drivers was ready for production and other disabled drivers could also be assisted in becoming mobile, and gain their freedom back.

Mobidrive portable hand controls

Fitted Mobidrive

After going to market and selling plenty of units locally and internationally, it was decided that the Mobidrive portable hand controls needed some “fine tuning” We no longer wanted to ship the Mobidrive in partly assembled parts, and the client needed to assemble it by themselves into a complete workable unit. Furthermore using only stainless steel as material made the unit strong, but it was felt that the weight could be reduced. The functionality was perfect but why stop when something can be improved? It was time to go back to the drawing board.

Mobidrive hand controls

The Mobidrive portable hand controls for disabled drivers

The Mobidrive portable hand control is now manufactured in a combination of stainless steel and aluminum, which addresses the weight of the unit, and it comes fully assembled, and boxed ready to be shipped worldwide.

Don’t let your disability stop you from doing normal things, like driving a car. Get Mobidrive today!

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