About Mobidrive Portable Hand Controls

Fitted Mobidrive

Mobidrive portable hand controls are engineered from durable stainless steel and should last a lifetime. Mobidrive portable hand control is a portable hand control that can be used on any automatic vehicle. It can also easily be transferred from one vehicle to another. It works for left-hand driven vehicles as well as right-hand driven vehicles. It fits all make and models.

You may never need to buy hand controls ever again because Mobidrive can easily be transferred from one vehicle to another, and they are durable and should last a lifetime. Add to Cart and buy now!

List of benefits:

-Push-Thumb Accelerator and Curved Push-Handle Brake hand control mechanism for easy one handed pedal control.
-Curved Push-Handle allows for both hands on the steering wheel.
-Complete metal build resulting in incredible strength.
-Intuitive design allows for comfortable driving minutes after installation.
-No installation damage to the vehicle.
-No installation cost. Useful for drivers who don’t want to pay high installation fees.
-Fits large trucks, cars, vans and even golf carts.
-Can be installed by anyone who has use of their fingers and hands.
-Useful for drivers who switch their hand controls between cars.
-Can be taken on holiday and put into rental cars.
-Useful for drivers who don’t live near a Mobility Dealership.
-Useful for drivers who share a car.
-Start driving straight away!
-Designed for right handed pedal operation.
-You can test drive any automatic vehicle before deciding to purchase it.
-When selling your car you can remove the hand controls and refit in the new car.
-Controls are collapsible and can fit in small suitcase or bag for easy transport.
-Controls are not in your way when transferring in or out of the vehicle.

Don’t let your disability stop you from doing normal things like driving a car. Get Mobidrive today!

You should use good judgement when assessing your abilities before using any type of portable hand controls for driving. If your grip, arm strength, or coordination is compromised by your disability, then Mobidrive portable hand controls will probably not be suitable for you, and you should consult a physician before you purchase any type of hand controls. – Please like us on Facebook :-)
We recommend several days practice before regular driving commences.

We currently ship our portable hand controls worldwide.
Our hand controls sell for $ 375 (including shipping) and it can be shipped to anywhere in the world. (This includes one Mobidrive and shipping, but it excludes import tax and other duties). Import tax and duties differ from country to country and it is best to contact your local customs office to inquire about the various costs that may apply.
Shipping is charged for the time being at a $80 flat rate.
Upon confirmation of payment we ship within one business day, and you can expect delivery within 7-10 business days. Add to Cart and buy now!

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