Mobidrive Portable Hand Controls for disabled drivers

Mobidrive Portable Hand Controls for disabled drivers

Being mobile is one of the most essential needs for any disabled/impaired person. Our Mobidrive portable hand controls for disabled drivers, was designed by a paraplegic, for paraplegics, amputees and people with muscle control issues in their legs . Mobidrive provides you with the opportunity to become mobile, in a fast and cost effective, efficient way. With the Mobidrive portable hand controls for disabled drivers, you can experience a lifetime of driving freedom, in a matter of minutes. It will change the way you drive forever!

Advantages of Mobidrive portable hand controls for disabled drivers:

  • Both hands can be used on the steering column, to drive in a saver manner
  • Mobidrive portable hand controls are easy to install on left-hand drive, as well as right-hand drive motor vehicles.
  • It can be adjusted to fit any car, and can be used by people with normal upper body strength, and normal hand and arm functionality.
  • Mobidrive portable hand controls for disabled drivers can easily be transferred between vehicles.
  • Can be operated by left handed, and right handed drivers alike, with only a small setting change.
  • One device/hand control for life
  • No Modifications to car
  • No installation damage to the vehicle.
  • Built for use as a permanent or portable hand control
  • No maintenance needed
  • Advantage of being portable
  • Takes only a few minutes to fit or remove
  • No expensive installation costs
  • Adjustable to fit all vehicles
  • Most affordable hand controls
  • Easy operation with thumb press down to accelerate and push handle to brake.
  • Intuitive design allows for comfortable driving minutes after installation.
  • Can be taken on holiday and put into rental cars
  • You can test drive any automatic vehicle before deciding to purchase it.
  • Controls are not in your way when transferring in or out of the vehicle.

Specifications of the Mobidrive portable hand controls for disabled drivers:

  • Weighs less than 1.5kg
  • Manufactured in Stainless steel and Aluminum combined.
  • Packaged fully assembled, and only setting needed is the length
  • Shipped in box 560x180x40mm
  • Minimum length 585mm
  • Maximum length 805mm
  • Average length setting 640mm

The local cost for a Mobidrive portable hand control is R 3800 excl. shipping. Shipping is done by the Courier Guy and the shipping is done within a day after payment has cleared.  A quote will be send with the courier fees included before payment is requested contact us. Also visit our Paraplegic videos you tube page for videos on operations. Should you have any comments or suggestions for new videos then please contact us or call today +27 76 500 7216

International orders:
We ship the Mobidrive portable hand controls for disabled drivers worldwide and our hand controls sell internationally for only $ 285 (excluding shipping – $80 flat rate or a quote can be obtained depending where you are situated) and it can be shipped to anywhere in the world. (This includes one Mobidrive, but it excludes import tax and other duties). Import tax and duties differ from country to country, and it is best to contact your local customs office, to inquire about the various costs that may apply.
Customs tariff code: 8708.99.05 Conversion kits, consisting of accelerator and brake hand controls
Upon confirmation of payment, we ship within one business day, and you can expect delivery within 7-10 business days for International orders.

Orders from South Africa or neighboring countries please email us for a quotation

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You should use good judgement when assessing your abilities before using any type of hand controls for driving. If your hand grip, arm strength, or coordination is compromised by your disability, then Mobidrive portable hand controls for disabled drivers, will probably not be suitable for you. If unsure about your abilities you should consult a physician before you purchase any type of hand controls. We recommend several days practice before regular driving commences.

These hand controls are designed for use in vehicles with automatic transmissions, by individuals with normal upper body strength and coordination. It installs in most automatic transmission vehicles in just a few minutes.

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